Pristine Alaska

The Turquoise Iliamna River


Jet Boats, Rainbows, Char

Spend a day on the Iliamna River, running the rapids, or running upstream on  a jet boat. Explore the bends and oxbows filled with native Char and massive Rainbows. Fight fish, after fish, from morning to evening in the crystal clear waters of the Iliamna River. Hear the roar of bears in distant valleys under the watchful gaze of bald, and golden eagles. All this, and more is waiting for you at the Iliamna River Lodge.  Click here to book your trip > > >


A Coastal


It’s the journey that often creates the most vivid memories.  Step out of your cabin door, and plunge into unknown adventures as you explore untouched creeks and rivers.  Experience the scenic vistas and glacial peaks.  Spend a day gathering razor clams, or sight casting to migrating chum salmon amidst bears and harbor seals.  The Iliamna River Lodge will show you the coastal side of Alaska and unexpected adventures you'll remember for a lifetime.  Click here to book your trip > > >

Coastal Adventure Gallery

  • Absolutely wonderful! A highlight of many years. Tell the world! The food was spectacular, seven days in a row. Every one of the staff was courteous, knowledgeable, pleasant and helpful. Great crew! Facilities like nowhere I have been. We appreciate you all. God’s blessing to you all.

    - Dr. James Dobson

    Colorado Springs, Colorado

  • Truly outstanding!! Great fishing, beautiful environment, superb facilities, excellent boats, great people – staff and the other guests. The best ever for me. Especially appreciated the devotions in the AM. Best gourmet food, daily, I have ever had. Plutonic!! Wonderfully prepared, beautifully presented. 5 stars. Best staff I have ever been around. Professional, considerate, patient, great senses of humor. Really made us feel at home. Beautiful view, comfortable, thoughtfully and skillfully put together. Tops! Safe, spacious. The family experience added greatly to an already superb visit. We came as clients, leaving as friends. roots in a piece of classical Latin literature from 45 BC, making it over 2000 years old. Richard McClintock, a Latin professor at Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia, looked up one of the more obscure Latin words, consectetur, from a Lorem Ipsum passage, and going through the cites of the word in classical literature, discovered the undoubtable source.this is truly Alaska

    - Roy Stringfellow

    Colorado Springs, Colorado

  • We had an outstanding week. The lodge and cabins are first rate. Food is wonderful and better than you find in any lodge. The staff are very accommodating and take care of everything. And of course the fishing is over the top fantastic. Big fish and lots of fish. Everything at the lodge is an adventure. Travel by bay boat, jet boats and floatplanes. Something new each day and all kinds of different beautiful water to fish. We are already trying to figure out when we can return. Guides are expert in the local waters and are excellent coaches and companions on the water. Bill and his wife and two sons are special people who want to make sure you have a great time and leave the hustle and bustle of work behind so you can recharge your batteries on your escape from civilization.

    - Alan Wilhelmy

    San Francisco, CA

  • EPIC. The attention to detail from rooms, guides, food and of course the fishing was outstanding. I feel refreshed. I would recommend this trip to any fly fisherman. Huge trout on a mouse…silly. Sight fishing for huge fish is a blast. Team Bill and the entire crew ROCK!!

    - John Wilhelmy

    San Francisco, CA

  • Bill and company, I want to thank you for a really terrific week. Everything about the trip was awesome--The lodge and bed were super comfy, the food was fantastic and, most of all, all of the staff and guides were attentive, knowledgeable, upbeat and excellent. The coffee brought to the room in the morning is a perfect start to the day. Breakfast is plentiful and good fuel to get going, the fishing diverse and fantastic, and the evening meal and company were always outstanding, even if we guests were worn out from landing so many lunkers!

    - Josh Floum

    San Francisco, CA

  • This was my 5th Alaskan fly fishing trip. The lodge staff is top notch. Very attentive, friendly and professional. Our guides were knowledgeable and put us in the right spots to catch fish. Lots of rainbows and char. The lodge provided waders, boots, rods and reels. All equipment was excellent. No need to bring your own. The chef was spectacular. Meals were outstanding and well thought out. I would highly recommend Iliamna River Lodge.

    - Mark Levin

    Ketchum, ID

  • This was a terrific week experience. A really premium lodge with a great attitude and a tremendous range of fishing, food and conversation. The fishing is world class and the Betts family put a full effort into each guest having a wonderful set of memories. I really liked the coffee at the cabin each morning!

    - Nick Miller

    Ketchum, ID

  • Our family had a wonderful time at Iliamna River Lodge!! It was a vacation of a lifetime! Some of the best fishing anywhere, Bill, Mel, and their very polite, helpful boys were so welcoming and charming. All the guides were so extremely professional, and friendly. I highly recommend a trip to Bill’s place, you will love it.

    - Mike and Pati Palumbo


  • We wanted to experience Alaska, not knowing what to expect. Fortunately, choosing the Iliamna River Lodge to stay was by far the best choice. We did not know how to fly fish when we arrived, but the guides taught us everything we needed to know. The staff, owners, and guides were all patient, friendly, and accommodating. We caught more fish then we knew what to do with each day. Thank you so much the Iliamna River Lodge. We will be back!

    - Andy and Kara Sanderson


  • Heaven on earth. Divine hospitality and amazing people to guide you to new and unique experiences in beautiful Alaska. A once in a lifetime unforgettable week. Amazing, delicious, decadent, nourishing food and prepared with love. Impeccable service, kindness, generosity and accommodating. Warm, friendly and supportive as we navigated new territory of fishing. Beautiful, comfortable; 5-star quality bedding and gear. Your family are all warm, gracious, caring, kind and so welcoming. Thank you. Our son loved being with your boys to play and discover the wonder of time in the beauty that surrounded us. Your beautiful wife could only be described as an angel. Always warm, smiling, helpful, open and caring for all people in her orbit. A gift to us all!! We loved the kind and gentle wakeup call. We are so thankful to the guides for all we learned and all the thrills of catching so many fish. Your hard work and years of experience are appreciated. Thanks for all you do before and after the day, too.

    - Linda Newlin Kittelsen

    Boulder, Colorado

  • Amazing staff, fishing, lodging and activities. IRL exceeded all of my expectations. The family atmosphere was refreshing. Definitely the best fishing trip I’ve ever been on. Food better than any restaurant I’ve ever been in. Hands down the most friendly and helpful staff. Amazing and so kind; always willing to help. All of the guides were extremely helpful and encouraging. Amazing lodge!

    - Nicole Banning

    Colorado Springs, Colorado

  • By far exceeded my expectations, the overall trip looked great online but nothing compared to firsthand experience with a great group of staff and guides. Unbeatable bush food! The guides are experienced and will put you on fish. Camp staff was full of jokes and a lot of fun to be around. Top notch, first class.

    - Lance Banning

    Colorado Springs, Colorado

  • Your hospitality and accommodations were perfect. Starting the day with coffee delivered to our cabin so we could enjoy the beautiful views was very much appreciated. Fishing the amazing untouched watersheds was an experience I’ll never forget. I thank you for all the wonderful experiences and the friendships we made this week. Amazing meals – sooo delicious – thank you!! I could taste the passion for cooking in every meal. Everyone on the staff was very accommodating, very kind – went out of their way to make sure we were happy. Very sincere about everything. Very comfortable – top rate experience with the entire stay – thank you so much. Thank you for sharing your slice of heaven with us. You’re so very blessed to be able to be in such a beautiful place, and share your passion with us. I’m very grateful for the tie I’ve been able to share with all of you, and will never forget this experience.

    - Kevin Kittelsen

    Boulder, Colorado

  • The experience was great. The food was amazing. The staff was great, very helpful. The facilities were clean, warm beds, nice boats, experience was awesome. I had a great time at the lodge and I hope I can come back soon! P.S. The boys were great!

    - Johnny Ruffin, age 12

    Boulder, Colorado

  • An incredible lifetime experience! Combining the wilderness experience and scenery of Alaska with the best fishing of my life and the incredible service and catering made this insane. The sensitivity to our personal desires and the variety of experiences. Over the top food – totally unexpected. Absolutely great staff – friendly, easy going and anxious to please. These guys and gals made the trip – best guides ever. Facilities were way more than we needed or expected.

    - John Schell


  • This week was the fly-fishing vacation I’ve dreamed of having for years! We caught beautiful Arctic Char and Rainbows and had the extra bonus of catching and keeping some hefty Sockeye Salmon. The setting is stunningly beautiful and full of endless spectacular vistas. Every meal was absolutely outstanding! The staff was wonderful! The guides are very talented and it was obvious the team works well together and likes each other. The guides know the rivers very well and did a great job of putting us on fish. Facilities are very nice. Guests have enough privacy and the lodge is a great place to socialize.

    - Deborah Burnett

    Denver, Colorado

  • This week has been fantastic. The planning and preparation that go into the IRL experience was evident all week. Attention to detail and an incredible staff ensured a great week. The meals were all excellent and exceeded all of my expectations. Each member of the staff was at all times courteous and professional. I can’t imagine that a better staff exists anywhere in Alaska. The facilities are above and beyond what I expected to find.

    - Chase Bridgforth


  • Terrific – I hope to be back again. IRL is a world class experience. The conversation with guests and staff made it special. Superlatives all the way on the food. Coffee brought to the room is a treat. The staff were some of the most professional and good humored people I’ve ever met. They are the best. Really top notch facilities – great room, beautiful view.

    - Stephen Wilson

    South Carolina

  • This was something I will remember the rest of my life. The food was excellent. Great staff – wonderful human beings. Outstanding facilities.

    - Clifford Ray


  • For an overall fishing experience that will surely be memorable, you can’t top the Iliamna River Lodge. The guides, staff, food and accommodations are all outstanding and the fishing at times is beyond belief! The food is amazing, especially considering you are in the middle of nowhere! The staff’s main purpose is to meet and exceed the needs of the guests and they are successful in achieving that goal. First rate all the way.

    - Rick Barry

    Colorado Springs, CO

More Testimonials

what sets us apart

Unparalleled Location:

Th e lodge is located riverside on the un-pressured, pristine Iliamna River, and has access to all of the famed Bristol Bay waters via jet boats and float planes.

Spacious, Comfortable Facility:

Comfortably hosts 12, but booked to 8.

Dedicated Float Planes and Air Taxi:

We own and operate Rainbow River Air Taxi. 

Modern, Rustic Lodge:

Our newly-constructed lodge highlights the landscape while providing superior comfort.

Spacious Riverside Cabins and Lodge Room:

Each accommodate 2-3 people and are unmatched in quality.

Local Fishery:

We have several prolific fisheries locally.

Strong Partner:

Sister lodge to Rainbow River Lodge.

Variety of Species:

Incredible trophy Rainbow, trophy Char, Salmon, Pike, and Grayling fishing.

Outstanding Service:

From our skilled chef to our professional guides, we surpass excellence.

Adventures Await

They say variety is a spice, but it’s also a gateway to unimagined possibilities. The ability to make a last minute decision to chase fish on the coast or jump a float plane to explore distant water, is the most important ingredient to unparalleled adventure. What will tomorrow hold? There’s nothing quite like enjoying a first class meal back at the lodge, then huddling with your guide to stoke the imagination and make a plan just hours before the dawn. The guides and pilots of the Iliamna River Lodge will show you the seemingly infinite space that Alaska offers to the angler who dares to explore and push their boundaries.  Click here To book your trip > > >